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5 Steps to Being Able to Wear the Highest of Heels

Heels can do fabulous things for one's figure and the way one looks. That's one way that women like to flaunt her beauty and strut her stuff to the society. They can make your legs look slender and far more slimmer then what they actually are and they can make your stomach look taut and flat. They can also make your attributes noticeable in a very gracious manner. High heels can certainly make you a heart stopper and enable you to walk like a model. However not all of us are able to wear high heels with ease.

Here are the five stages to break yourself into heels and then from there will be certainly no looking back for you. Although it is not the most natural of things to be able to walk effortlessly in high heeled shoes, with enough patience and practice you can certainly do so.

If you have never ever worn heels in your life then don't go from ground level to very high all of a sudden. You are bound to falter then. Rather, start with small heels and then move on to the really high ones.

Next on your list should be wedges. Wedges will be able to give you the height and allow your feet to be arched in the right fashion along with the comfort and balance.

Once you are comfortable in the wedges, move on to heels and boots. The boots have far higher heels and they will be able to support your feet far better than a pair of sandals or shoes. The right support from the boot will ensure that the ankles are protected and at the same time you will be able to break in comfortably into wearing really high heels.

As soon as you have done this you will be able to wear extremely comfortably the best of all heels, stilettos. When you wear stilettos ensure that your shoes are from a good enough brand. Christian Louboutin shoes are considered the best with the most exotic of red soles and high heels. These are the kind of heels that will really go on to spike the way you look and add the right amounts of oomph.

Lastly, make sure that you choose your heels with great care. The wrong kind of heels can be extremely uncomfortable and will bring you great grief in the form of corns, bunions and foot ache that could be worse than any heartache. There are some wonderful heels in the collection from Christian Louboutin fake shoes and boots that are just perfectly made.

Take short small steps at home to practice the walk with high heels on and the moment you have got the hang of it, you can easily take yourself outdoors. After sometime your natural body balance and rhythm will certainly take over and make you walk to a natural sway that will be individualized for each person. And, then you will never want to take off your heels.