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Best Christmas Photo Books: How To Make Them

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and certainly a great time for making photo books. And while there have been a lot of good photo books made around the Christmas holiday season, if you want to make some of the best Christmas photo books, you've got to make sure you do a couple of things right; 1) you've got to do whatever it takes to come up with great pictures, and 2) you've got to make your books with greater attention to details.

1) You've got to do whatever it takes to come up with great pictures. - There are basically two different ways you can come up with great pictures; 1) hire a photographer, or 2) plan your picture taking and be prepared to take a lot of pictures.

I've always felt that a custom-made family photo book should be made by the family, which includes pictures taken by the family. You can make great ones, if you'll just make some simple to follow plans before the occasions you're going to include, and be committed to see it through.

For example, let's assume you have an annual Christmas dinner and party at your parent's home and you want your photo book to consist of pictures made on that occasion. In attendance will be your brother, his wife and two children, you and your spouse and child, and of course your parents, nine total.

Write everyone's name down, along with the minimum number of candid and posed shots you want to get of each. If you want a minimum of 3 candid shots and 3 posed shots of each, write that down beside each name, and with your digital camera carefully snap away. Since you can see when you have a good one, you'll know when you've got enough good ones of each.

You don't need to focus on one person at a time. You look for good candid opportunities and take the pictures, keeping track of how many of each until you get all the shots you want. Regarding the posed shots, some of those will be semi-candid (where you see a good picture opportunity and you tell everyone to smile), and some you will want to make sure that you get, such as one with your parents and all the grandchildren. Be sure to write those posed shots down. If it isn't written down and checked off as completed, it may get overlooked. Once the party is over there's no going back, and we're going for the best Christmas photo books you can make.

2) You've got to make your books with greater attention to details. - It starts with making them on the right web site. There are several online companies that have excellent photo book designs and options. The best one for you is going to be the one that has the following four basic ingredients; photo book designs and pricing that best fits your needs, options and features that you like for customizing and personalizing, a simple point-and-click design and ordering interface, and the latest technology that allows you to see your competed books onscreen so that you can make any necessary changes before ordering.

Another important detail that is often handled with no real forethought is captions and text. Before going online to make your book, write down the captions that you're going to place with the pictures, and try to make them as interesting as you can, not simply stating the names of those in the pictures. The same with text, there will be room on the pages to input some text to help complete the story your pictures tell. Don't take that lightly. It's a real opportunity to make your book stand out, so come up with some interesting text to add and write it down before going online to make your book.

If you will follow these two rules; do whatever it takes to come up with great pictures, and make your books with greater attention to details, you will make the best Christmas photo books you could possibly make.