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Cheap Designer Coach Purses

Anyone looking to improve upon their current collection of purses should think carefully and do a little bit of research before jumping too quickly at the first inexpensive designer bag they find for sale online or at a non-traditional retail selling venue in the "real" world. As a collector of purses, one must learn that you although you can certainly find great deals with a bit of work and diligence, ignoring your gut instincts can be a costly mistake that you will not want to repeat.

Many ladies love to collect Coach purses. They are a well made brand that is offered in a variety of styles, sizes and looks. As far as designer purses and handbags go, they are not the most expensive of the lot. They are not however, cheap by any means. This combination makes them the perfect target for dishonest people looking to separate eager discount hunters from their hard earned cash. Anyone looking to find cheap designer Coach purses for sale may need to explore some non-traditional options. They also must realize that having their guard up while they shop is probably not a bad idea. Although there are many good people in the business of selling designer brand clothing and purses, there is also an element involved in selling what is little more than counterfeit garbage. These people with little or no conscience will think nothing of swindling willing buyers out of their hard earned cash and then disappearing as soon as the money changes hands.

Finding a bargain on authentic designer items can become almost like a game balancing risk and reward. Although it may never be possible to completely eliminate the bad apples from the bunch, there are some things you can do as a buyer to improve your odds and keep yourself away from people who are just looking to hustle you out of your money.

First of all, Coach is the brand specifically mentioned here because it is such an incredibly popular name in designer purses and handbags. Many of these tips can also be applied to other top of the line bags as well however. A good rule to live by is if a deal seems too good to be true, there is a good chance that it is. Finding a truly authentic designer bag selling for ten dollars is extremely unlikely. It should be pointed out though, that in an auction setting, you may see numbers in this range as an opening bid amount. Sellers often set prices very low to attract interest in the hopes that their item will be bid up by multiple people who are interested in the item. If a person at a purse party, or even on the street says that they can get you an authentic designer purse for such a low price, keep walking. They are probably trying to push fake merchandise that will show itself to be of dubious quality in short order.

Designer bags from reputable companies such as Coach or any other major designer should be perfect when purchased new. These designer companies pride themselves on the quality of the bags themselves. Finding seams that are crooked or patterns that do not match up is an indication that the bag is not authentic. If a seller tells you that the purse is being sold for a cheap price because there was a mistake made during production, you should likewise, keep on looking elsewhere. Huge designer companies would rather destroy purses deemed as imperfect than have their product name attached to something inferior. Their risk for damage to their good name is much too great to want to risk putting "seconds" on the market to be sold by just anyone.

People looking to find authentic designer purses at affordable prices do have options. As mentioned above, there are true designer bags sold on sites like eBay. People looking to make some extra money or make a change to a different style of purse often list their bags on the site. Sometimes people take the time to find special deals being offered on designer bags and then list them with the hope of making a quick profit. Buyers actually can get good deals when they learn to spot listings that have a chance to slip by the masses. There are times when genuine designer purses and handbags manage to get to the end of their respective auction without drawing many bids. This often happens when sellers make a poor choice in the ending time for the auction. Prices only bid up when people can see the item. A purse with an ending time of two in the morning will not get nearly as many bids as one ending around nine in the evening. People willing to look for deals like this can often come away with very nice deals.