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Gucci Mane Continually Dropping New Music

Gucci Mane is an unstoppable music producing machine matched only by Lil Wayne and Tupac in his work ethic. You can see how rapidly he thinks of his raps in some of the freestyles that he raps purely off the top of his head within the moment that is most likely the reason for such an amount of new material that's regularly being dropped. Even during jail, there is loads of material for all of his supporters to keep them content until his long looked forward to release.

The new album, 'The State vs Radric Davis' has got to # 1 in the Rap/Hip Hop album charts and 10 inside the complete U.S. charts. During the period, he recorded enough music for 2 full length albums, one of that has currently been released hile in jail, and also the other which he intends to drop while he is still in jail.During his limited time of freedom, around fifty percent of the year, Gucci Mane new mixtapes never have been insufficient. Once released from jail in early 2009, Gucci wasted no time to release his mixtape, Producing on the Wall, that was dubbed among the best mixtapes to be released in 2009 so far. He after that went on to track Gangsta Grillz The Movie a couple of: The Sequel with DJ Drama which was additionally a widely praised mixtape as well as the 1st Gangsta Grillz: The the short time that Gucci Mane had, he released a compilation of 3 mixtapes referred to as the Cold War series with DJ Drama, DJ Scream, and DJ Holiday.

Along with the Cold War Series, he in addition released Gangsta Grillz The Movie 3: The Burrprint 3, that was originally recorded in '09 but later released in 2010 with none other than DJ Drama. The mixtape has been a major success inside the mixtape game and most likely his finest mixtape of 2009 in quite a few people's opinions. Gucci Mane Music is now being released virtually every single day and they are not even featured on any kind of mixtapes, or albums. Despite the fact that Gucci Mane doesn't release all of his music on mixtapes, they normally at some point get to a mixtape or the majority of likely a few more than a few unofficial mixtapes by other mixtape DJs.

It's unbelievable the amount of material one person can generate and song in this type of small amount of time. It's been mentioned from close friends of Gucci that while in jail, his writing and raps have been getting much much more innovative and better. We will probably be in store for some great rap music and a large amount of it as soon as Gucci Mane is let out of jail once more.